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Lease of an 800 hectare huntingarea with red deer, ibex, mouflon, fallow deer, roe deer and chamois in Lower Austria

Location: Austria / Hollenstein an der Ybbs

from: Gut Hohenlehen

Hunting season: 01. January 2021 - 31. December 2030


Generous hunting ground with red deer, Ibex, chamois, mouflon and roe deer in the Lower Austrian Alps to be given for a 10-year lease from 2021 on. The Hohe... ..more offer details


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Generous hunting ground with red deer, Ibex, chamois, mouflon and roe deer in the Lower Austrian Alps to be given for a 10-year lease from 2021 on.

The Hohenlehen hunting area covers an area of ​​around 800 hectares of private hunting grounds. Of this, around 750 hectares are forest, 35 hectares of agricultural land that is also used as wild meadows and 15 hectares of other areas. The leaseholder knows the boundaries of the area from driving through the area and is completely fenced in with a fence.

The area is an enclosed private hunting area (fenced are). The red deer are fed exclusively in the gate by the forest company's hunting staff who also take on other hunting work, such as the maintenance of the hunting grounds or the stalking of the hunting guests.

The Waidachsattel hunting lodge in the hunting area is available to the tenant and his hunting guests without restriction.

The heating material required for the hunting lodge is provided free of charge by the forestry company, provided that the amount of heating does not exceed the usual level.

The lease term is set at 10 years.
The hunting protection service is carried out by a proffesional hunter appointed by the company.
The food for the game necessary for feeding the game is provided by the forest enterprise in the type and composition customary for the lessor. The feeding, i.e. the presentation of game feed, is also carried out by the hunting staff.

The annual shooting or departure of red deer, stone, chamois, mouflon and roe deer is determined according to the Lower Austrian shooting guidelines, taking into account the age structure in the area and the needs of the forest and hunting operations.

The number of red deer in spring is around 130, which corresponds to an average shooting of 8 pieces per hunting year in coffers I and II and a total of about 26 red deer.

The spring population of roe deer is 110, the average annual kill is 36: 12 bucks, of which 8 are hunted, 12 goats, 12 fawns.

Chamois are about 120 heads in the area, 5 of which are requested to be shot; 3 bucks class I or II and 2 goats class I or II.

There are about ten fallow deer shot per year.

In the case of mouflon, there are around 90 standing game. 10 rams of class I and II will be released for shooting.

There are around 80 ibexes. Of these, 3 to 4 bucks will be shot in classes I and II.

The price is 265,000 all-inn. Including sales revenue, that adds up to € 318,000. This also includes the hunting staff, food for the game during winter, the hunting lodge. So there are no additional costs.

During the negotiations it will be discussed whether the use of the gamemeat is the responsibility of the tenant or the forest enterprise. In any case, consideration is given to the tenant's wishes.

If you are interested, please make a booking request via Hunter meets Hunter. The owner will then contact you.

The given price and the facts are basis for negotiation.

Territory information:

Territory size: 800 Hectare

Type of territory: Fenced

Area: Hilly, Mountains, Grassland, Forrest

Languages: English, German ,

Hunting methods: High seat, Stalking, Driven hunt (slow), Battue, Bring your own dog

More information:

Das Revier liegt am Übergang der niederösterreichischen Voralpen zu den Alpen in der Nähe des Hochkarmassivs. Das Revier ist eingegattert, um die darin vorkommenden Wildarten zu schützen. Der Wildstand ist allerdings angemessen.

The shooting package includes:

Red Deer

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Included in the price: 26 animal(s)
Roe Deer

see offer description
Included in the price: 36 animal(s)

see offer description
Included in the price: 5 animal(s)

see offer description
Included in the price: 10 animal(s)

see offer description
Included in the price: 3 animal(s)
Fallow Deer

see offer description
Included in the price: 10 animal(s)

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Daily rate and accommodation:

Facilities: , Private bathroom , Self-catering

More information:

Das Jagdhaus Waidachsattel dient dem Pächter als Unterkunft mit Charme. Es liegt mitten im Revier an einem schönen Punkt und ist mit Stil eingerichtet. Der Jagdpächter kann es für sich und seine Gäste uneingeschränkt nutzen.


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Nearest Airport: Linz

Distance to next airport: 80 km

Pick up service:

Nearest Airport: Waidhofen an der Ybbs

Distance to railway station: 20 km

Pick up service:

Trophy treatment:

Die Trophäen werden vom jagdlichen Personal des Betriebs ausgekocht und präpariert.

Shooting distances:

50 bis 250 Meter

Caliber recommendation:

Mindestens 7 mm

Missed shot:





Deposit: 100 % of the total price

Final payment: Die Anzahlung soll im Vorhinein für die ersten drei Jagdjahre geleistet werden. Der Rest dann ab dem vierten Jahr immer am Jahresbeginn


Es ist auch möglich nach der zhenjährigen Pachtperiode auf weitere zehn Jahre zu verlängern

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Service fee


Search with bloodhound

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Trophy treatment

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Gun rental



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