Oryx, Springbok, Hartebeest, S...

Hunting on Plains Game in the heart of the Kalahari

Location: Namibia / Gochas, Namibia

from: Caracal Safaris

Hunting season: 01. February 2022 - 30. November 2022


Package price:


Hunting on plains game in a peaceful hunting area in the middle of the Kalahari! Offered are Oryx, Springbuck, Hartebeest, Steenbuck, Suiker, Blesbuck, Elan... ..more offer details


Hunting on plains game in a peaceful hunting area in the middle of the Kalahari!

Offered are Oryx, Springbuck, Hartebeest, Steenbuck, Suiker, Blesbuck, Eland and Kudu. The 50.000 hectar fenced area has good amounts of game for all offered species. It especially is famous for the good Oryx game population and trophies. The given animals species are included in the price.

The game is hunted by walk and stalk with rifles. The area is a perfect area for longer shots, as the lansdcape is dominated by wide and open areas.

The accomodation is very luxury and in the middle of the hunting area.

The area is dominated by red sands sweep from horizon to horizon, stretching across Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. To the surprise of most visitors, the savannah supports abundant plant and animal life. The desert is alive with a wide variety of birds and game adapted to this harsh environment. Here, you can trade your daily commute for a ride on a game truck; your work environment for endless vistas; the streetlights for a river of stars in the sky and the evening traffic for the distant roar of the Kalahari lions. Unplug from your daily life and find yourself in the Kalahari on our luxury Outpost Lodge.

The Lodge offers comfortable featureslike a jackuzzi, balkonys, big living and sleeping rooms and delicious food.

The given price is for 2:1 guiding. The given price is for one hunter. It is possible for 4 hunters to come. Every hunter can take a non hunting accompanying person with him. The daily fee for a non hunting person is 290€ All-Inclusive. It is also possible to pay in dollar.

It´s seven hunting days, but the day of arrival and leaving is included for no extra costs.

There are no special medical health requirements prescribed for entry in Namibia.

Territory information:

Territory size: 50000 Hectare

Type of territory: Fenced

Area: Flat, Hilly, Steppe, Bush/Scrubland

Languages: English ,

Hunting methods: Stalking

More information:

The huge area is very typical for the Kalahri. There are dry river meadwos and sand dunes but also beautiful landstripes with vegetation. The area is very peaceful and untouched.

The package deal includes:


Included in the price: 1 animal(s)

Included in the price: 1 animal(s)

Included in the price: 1 animal(s)

Included in the price: 1 animal(s)
Grey Duiker

Included in the price: 1 animal(s)
White Blessbuck

Included in the price: 1 animal(s)

Included in the price: 1 animal(s)

Included in the price: 1 animal(s)

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Daily rate and accommodation:

Facilities: Internet, TV, Air condition , Laundry service , Private bathroom , Full board

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Here, you will be the guests of a family whose roots in the Kalahari are generations deep. Your hosts are truly unique and extremely hospitable, intent on making you feel at home and part of the family. Local lore explains that the hospitality of the people of the Kalahari is due to the fact they used to be very far and isolated from society in the olden days, and so any visitor to their paradise was as welcome as rain.


2 : 1

This offer applies for: 1 hunter(s) and 0 non hunting person(s)

Arrival one day before the first hunting day: 0,00 /Person

Departure one day after the last hunting day: 0,00 /Person

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Non hunting person(s)
per hunting day

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Nearest Airport: Hosea Kutako International Airport

Distance to next airport: 350 km

Pick up service:

Nearest Airport: -

Distance to railway station: -

Pick up service:

Trophy treatment:

The skinning team will attend to the field preparation (skinning, capeing, cleaning, salting and drying) of your trophies. Clients’ trophies will be delivered to the shipping agent or Taxidermist of their choice in Namibia. The cost of taxidermy work in Namibia is affordable, the quality of the workmanship is excellent. The current completion time for mounts in Namibia is about 12 months. We would gladly obtain quotations for you from our local taxidermist.

Shooting distances:

50 bis 200 Meter

Caliber recommendation:


Missed shot:



100 % of the estimated trophy price

Wounded animal is considered as harvested


Deposit: 50 % of the total price

Final payment: On site


Deposit will not be refunded

Included in the offer:



Full board

Hunting licence


Trophy measurement

Trophy treatment

Transportation in territory

Transportation from/to airport/railway station

Accommodation before and after hunt

NOT included in the offer:

Gun rental


Trophy export

All local taxes and service charges


Activities, other than hunting

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