Chamois Hunt

Location: Austria / Waidhofen an der Ybbs

from: Gut Hohenlehen

Hunting season: 01. July 2021 - 31. December 2021


For over 200 years hunting has been a determining part of our family history. Generations of Hohenlehner landlords are committed to Austrian hunting and its t... ..more offer details


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For over 200 years hunting has been a determining part of our family history.
Generations of Hohenlehner landlords are committed to Austrian hunting and its tradition.

Our wild and romantic hunting areas are mainly located in the Lower Austrian foothills of the Alps and reach from 450 m above sea level up to the alpine pastures.

In our hunting area, Gut Hohenlehen, we have laid out over 20 hectares of wild meadows and wild fields in order to provide our game with the best possible grazing opportunities and thus ensure good cooperation between game, forest and people.

State-of-the-art wildlife management and the use of highly trained hunting and forestry personnel are making it possible to maintain a species-rich and high wildlife population with special consideration of forest resources. Our pride and joy is a high alpine, scenically particularly impressive, 800 ha large, fenced hunting ground.

Chamois male/female

Hunting season from 1 July to 31 December

Up to 80 points - 1800€ plus 95€/point
From 90 points - 2750€ plus 110€/point

All other game species occurring in the area can also be hunted, see our other offers.

Daily rate:

For all hunts we charge a daily rate of 150,00 Euro.
The daily rate is included:

- 1:1 Guidance
- Use of the off-road vehicle and the kilometres driven in the hunting area.

Hunting permit:

Hunting licence for 2 weeks 38,00 Euro

For the issuing of the hunting card by the authorities we need a copy of the valid hunting licence of your country and a passport photo.

Gun rental:

- Rifle: 60,00 Euro per day
- Ammunition: 6,50 Euro per shot

Trophy treatment:

- Boiling and bleaching of the trophy € 85,00

If, however, you decide on a shoulder or full body mount, the following costs will arise:

- skinning shoulder mount: 120,00 Euro
- skinning full Body mount: 250,00 Euro

We are happy to organise the preparation of your trophy including transport to your home. (The tax will then be charged directly to you by the taxidermist).

Hunting cabin:

We charge € 100,00 per night for the overnight stay at the hunting lodge for up to 2 persons.

Tracking of wounded animal:

For the tracking of a wounded animal we charge € 150,00 per day.

Terms and Conditions:

All services provided during your stay must be paid on the day of departure at the latest according to the price list.
If the exact value of your trophy cannot be determined on the day of departure, the costs of the trophy value estimated by the district authorities are to be paid on the day of departure. Any outstanding amount must be paid on the day the trophy is handed over. The trophy remains the exclusive property of the Waidach Forestry Administration until it has been paid in full.

If animals are wounded an not to be found, 100% of the estimated trophy value will be charged on departure. (regardless of the degree of wounding of the game)

All services listed on the price list include the statutory value added tax.

All above prices remain valid until a new price list is published. Errors and misprints excepted.

Territory information:

Territory size: 860 Hectare

Type of territory: Partly fenced

Area: Mountains, High mountains, Forrest

Languages: English, German ,

Hunting methods: High seat, Stalking



see offer description
to 80 points
Surcharge: + 0,00 / 1 point(s)

see offer description
from 90 points
Surcharge: + 0,00 / 1 point(s)

Shooting fees total: 0

Travel date:

Please select 2 - 5 HUNTING DAY(S):

Arrival day:

Departure day:

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Daily rate and accommodation:

Facilities: , Common bathroom , Self-catering

More information:

Bei Bedarf 100€/Nacht pro 2 Personen


1 : 1

Daily rate hunters:



Daily rates total for 0 HUNTING DAY(S): 0

Other costs:

Gun rental
per hunting day
Munition/Schuss Ammunition/Shot
Trophäenbehandlung/ Trophy Treatment
Vorbereiten Vorschlag /skinning shoulder mount
Vorbereitung Ganzkörperpräparat/ skinning full body mount
Jagdhütte pro Nacht/Hunting cabin per night

Other costs total: 0

Total price: 0 *

* This price was calculated with an online exchange rate. The billing will be in € .


Nearest Airport: Wien/Linz

Distance to next airport: -

Pick up service:

Nearest Airport: Waidhofen an der Ybbs

Distance to railway station: 35 km

Pick up service:

Trophy treatment:

Das Vermessen der Trophäe erfolgt nach internationalen Richtlinien. Der Mittelwert beider Kruken gilt als Verrechnungsgrundlage. Ist ein Teil einer Kruke jedoch abgebrochen, so gilt die längere Kruke als Verrechnungsgrundlage. Die Anwesenheit des Gastes beim Vermessen seiner Trophäe ist für uns selbstverständlich und erwünscht. The trophy is measured according to international guidelines. The mean value of both horns is used as a basis for calculation. However, if a part of a horn is broken off, the longer horn is used as the basis for calculation. The presence of the guest during the measurement of his trophy is a matter of course for us and desired.

Shooting distances:


Caliber recommendation:


Missed shot:



100 % of the estimated trophy price


Deposit: 50 % of the total price

Final payment: On site


Deposit will not be refunded

Included in the offer:

Service fee


Transportation in territory

NOT included in the offer:




Hunting licence

Gun rental: 60€/day

Ammunition: 6,50€/shot

Search with bloodhound: 150€/day

Trophy treatment


Accommodation before and after hunt

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