Bighorn Sheep

Kamchatka snow sheep hunt

Location: Russia / Эссо

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Hunting season: 01. August 2021 - 20. September 2021


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Snow sheep is a hoofed animal, belongs to the horned family. It is also called the bighorn and chubuk. It has a dense body with small head and short neck. The ... ..more offer details


Snow sheep is a hoofed animal, belongs to the horned family. It is also called the bighorn and chubuk.
It has a dense body with small head and short neck. The weight of an adult male varies from 60 to 150 kg, body length up to 1.9 m. Females are smaller, weight up to 60 kg, their body length is up to 1.5 meters. Snow sheep (both male and female) have massive horns, thick and heavy.

Only sheep with a length of the left horn of at least 80 cm are considered to be trophy. The average length of their horns is 86.6 cm. Six of top ten trophy bighorn sheep for the last 10 years were harvested in our hunting grounds. Maximum length of trophy left horn measured 103,2 cm.

The horns of a snow sheep are a beautiful masterpiece of nature. They are heavy and massive, strongly twisted in a tight spiral in one and a half turn, their weight can reach 15 kg. At their base horns can reach 25 to 35 cm in diameter, length varies from 85 to 110 cm. Females have shorter horns not twisted into spiral.
Hunting is carried out on the continental part at an altitude of 1000-1500m, in the coastal mountains at an altitude of 0 to 600 m above sea level. The maximum height of the mountains is 2,200 m. Hunting a snow sheep on the coast differs from the continental one in that motor boats are often used to transport hunters and detect trophy animals on coastal spurs.
Hunting a Snow sheep is carried out in several stages: looking for it with binoculars or a telescope, stalking to the detection line.
So, even in Kamchatka, our farms are located in hard-to-reach places, there are no roads and it is necessary to use a helicopter. On average, it is 4-5 hours per round. In a helicopter a group of 5 hunters (for bear and moose) can take place . A maximum of 3 hunters in a group can be placed on a snow sheep. The cost of a helicopter, 1 hour of summer is about 2,600 euros. It is divided up all hunters of the group.

Tour Program
ARRIVAL on the 1st day:
Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Elizovo airport. Transfer by minibus 6-8 hours. Accommodation in a hunting camp.

on the 2nd day HUNTING:
4 full days of hunting

day 6 ist the FINAL DAY
Early morning hunting. Transfer to the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky In the end of the day.

Flight to Moscow

PRICE INCLUDES (Basic services)

Hunting arrangement
Trophy (1 pc)
Cross-country vehicle
Huntsman service
Hunting dogs
Meals (without alcohol)
Accommodation on the base
Hunting license
Veterinary documents
Field trophy preparation

NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE (Additional services)

Flight to the city
Accommodation outside the camp (Hotels, private houses )
Additional sightseeing trips
Satellite phone
Taxidermist service
Professional photo and video
Permits for trophy export
Vacuum meet packaging

We will help you planing and experience your perfect huntingtrip to Kamchatka!

Territory information:

Type of territory: Free Range

Area: Hilly, Mountains, High mountains

Languages: English, German, Russian ,

Hunting methods: High seat, Stalking

More information:

In most cases the hunting is carried out in the traditional way, in field conditions. Horseback hunting is possible just in one part of Kamchatka. Usually each hunter has one guide and one assistant. You need to be prepared to carry a backpack with you, as well as to difficult pedestrian crossings during a hunt. So you need to be in good physical shape. You also must be prepared to living in a tent when hunting a certain trophy or a certain area.

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Bighorn Sheep

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Nearest Airport: Elizovo airport (Petropavlovsk Kamtschatsky)

Distance to next airport: -

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Trophy treatment:

Field preparation Some trophies can be taken with you once after the hunt, subject to the documents prepared in advance. For such trophies as bear, moose, snow sheep, maral, wolf, special permits are required, as well as veterinary documents for export. Required dry preservation in taxidermy studio before shipping. You have to bring plastic tags with the address of your taxidermic Studio with you and attach them to the trophies: one to the skull, the other to the skin of the animal you have taken.

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100 % of the estimated trophy price

Wounded game is considered as harvested, when it can't be found after a professional, conscientious and thorough search.


Deposit: 50 % of the total price

Final payment: 30 days before the trip


Deposit will not be refunded

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Accommodation: on the base


Full board


Hunting licence


Search with bloodhound

Trophy treatment: Field trophy preparation

Transportation in territory

Transportation from/to airport/railway station: from Petropavlovk

Veterinary documents

NOT included in the offer:

Accommodation: outside the camp (Hotels, private houses )

Alcoholic drinks


Trophy export



Accommodation before and after hunt

Activities, other than hunting

flight from Moskow to petropavlovsk

Helicopter Transfers

CITES Registration

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